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In the present economy, insignificant communication is insufficient. You should have the capacity to team up with clients, collaborators, accomplices and other worldwide key assets whenever day or night. Yesterday’s devices simply aren’t great enough any longer.

Collaboration holds the way to changing your business in ways that we’re just beginning to recognize. Collaboration isn’t just about the technology. It is a system that influences practically all aspects of the business – from developing products and responding to competitors, to making decisions and interacting with customers. Collaboration is fast becoming the key that unlocks many of the productivity, agility, and business process improvements at the heart of organizations digital transformation initiatives.

Effective collaboration has become critical in a complex work environment where employees are geographically dispersed,travel budgets have been scrutinized and slashed, and information overload is considered normal.

To utilize cloud benefits effectively, you should have the capacity to recognize the area for  more IT effectiveness and attach ventures straightforwardly to a business case with an arrival on speculation suggestion.Like each business choice, moving to the cloud has advantages and expenses. BrainCube can enable you to comprehend the applications and advantages of the cloud and evaluate your associations cloud preparation. It’s tied in with picking the correct cloud for the correct application at the ideal time.Our consultant work with you to evaluate the appropriateness of your applications for the cloud, select the correct stages, and characterize a cloud methodology and guide for change and development.

Benefits of Cloud

You pay only for what you use

The costs of cloud computing are much more flexible than traditional methods. Companies only need to commission – and thus only pay for – server and infrastructure capacity as and when it is needed.

Do more with less

With cloud computing, companies can reduce the size of their own data centers — or eliminate their data center footprint altogether. Significantly it reduces IT costs without impacting an organization’s IT capabilities.

Always-on availability

The connection is always on 99.9% uptime and as long as workers have an Internet connection, they can get to the applications they need from practically anywhere. Some applications even work off-line.

Improved mobility

Data and applications are available to employees no matter where they are in the world. Workers can take their work anywhere via smart phones and tablets to check customers out, visiting customers anywhere.

Flexible capacity

Cloud is the flexible facility that can be turned up, down or off depending upon circumstances. Capacity of cloud can be increased or decreased according to our need so that costs will be flexible.

Less environmental impact

With fewer data centers worldwide and more efficient operations, cloud is collectively having less of an impact on the environment. Companies who use shared resources improve their ‘green’ credentials.