Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery

Managing traditional backup and disaster recovery systems can be time consuming and resource intensive. BrainCube Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery eliminates the need for expensive on-premises infrastructure and simplifies administration. Take advantage of the cloud for faster recovery and fail over, often at a fraction of the cost.

Key features of Backup & Disaster Recovery plans

Resilient and available

It is always accessible, even in disaster or multiple failure cases.

Cost efficient

Multiple storage classes help optimize backup cost and data recovery


Data-integrity mechanisms check, validate and apply self-repair capabilities.

Fast data recovery

Access backup data faster with multiple storage to help business needs.


Default server-side encryption keys are automatically managed by default.

BrainCube Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery Applications

Fully managed service with routine recovery testing, ensuring recovery if a real disruption occurs
Improved uptime and security provide peace of mind that your data and applications are safe and available
Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery workshop is a great first step in your disaster recovery planning