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The bundle for a complete data protection
#cyber protect

Get More Than Backup for When Disaster Strikes

In today’s business world, your data is the single most valuable asset.

Our backup solution protects your company’s data so we can always restore your critical business systems locally. That means in the case of a serious outage like one caused by a natural disaster, your backup files and systems’ images will be safe. But it can still take days or even weeks to bring applications back online.

Protect business from data loss
Minimizes downtime of vital applications and systems
Choose storage type as you need
Encrypted backups support

Enhance your backup service with essential cyber protection at no cost

Gain a unique competitive advantage and increase your profitability with essential cyber protection functionalities that cover all workloads.


Disaster recovery (DR)

Backup and recovery

File sync and share


01An integrated suite of services

Deliver secure backup, disaster recovery, malware and ransomware protection, secure file sync-and-share, and file notarization.

02A service provider platform

Ensure superior efficiency with unified service provisioning, accounts management, monitoring, integrations.

03Complete cyber protection

Go beyond backup and recovery – ensure complete data safety, accessibility, privacy, authenticity, and security.


More than your average Backup – A complete Cyber Protection Solution

Harness the power of one solution, one agent, and one console to deliver the comprehensive cyber protection that you seek.

Cut cyber protection costs by up to 50%

Gain advantage over competitors with industry-unique cyber protection capabilities, minimizing security risks and reducing management burdens.

Unlock cost savings by consolidating vendors instead of purchasing multiple point solutions from multiple vendors. Simplifies management, improves workflow automation, and reduces the security risks caused by using a patchwork of tools. Harness the power of one with an integrated solution: one license, one agent, controlled and deployed through one intuitive console.