Managed Wi-fi


Managed Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi ought to be accessible all the time and everywhere. Every sector is struggling with this new expectation that employees and customers are voicing. Many are turning to third-party managed Wi-Fi solutions to satisfy this need.
In order to provide easy access and a solid connection to a Wi-Fi network, a company must do many, if not all, of the activities internally. Managed Wi-Fi is a wireless network solution that enables this to happen.
Managed WiFi security involves implementing appropriate security controls, authenticating and tracking users and monitoring the network for potential breaches. Since it is managed by a team of professionals who are experts at protecting WiFi networks and defending against threats, security is usually stronger with a managed WiFi solution than with a solution that is managed in-house.
Managed Wi-Fi services are services provided by a third-party that enable a business to outsource many aspects of creating and managing a Wi-Fi network. Managed Wi-Fi services may include RF surveys, network design, installation, management, monitoring, security, troubleshooting and upgrades to the network.

Managed Wi-Fi Services


The design, installation, management, monitoring, security, updates, and troubleshooting of Wi-Fi networks are all examples of managed Wi-Fi services, which are wireless network services provided by a third-party provider.


Managed Wi-Fi services offer the ability to enhance the performance of Wi-Fi networks, guarantee uninterrupted user access, decrease security threats, and lower total cost of ownership.


Managed Wi-Fi solutions also lessen the strain on IT workers to keep up with a complicated and fast changing technology.


Service-Level Agreements (SLAs) for managed Wi-Fi services ensure that business objectives for access, availability and bandwidth are consistently met by the third-party vendor.

Security Challenges of Managed Wi-Fi

As Wi-Fi networks are accessed by ever greater numbers of users and devices, securing the network and protecting users becomes more difficult. Managed Wi-Fi services enable these tasks to be performed by highly skilled professionals with deep experience in designing secure systems and defending against threats.

Benefit of Managed Wi-Fi

The most significant advantage of managed Wi-Fi is that it puts the responsibility for performance, maintenance and risk management into the hands of highly experienced experts who are likely more able to meet a business’ objectives for seamless access, strong signals and cost containment.