Managed IT Services

A way to keep your IT infrastructure and applications stable, cost-effective, and relevant to the evolving business needs.

IT Stability without Huge Spending? Possible!

BrainCube will provide high-quality managed IT services to ensure better reliability and steady evolution of your IT infrastructure and apps while keeping IT costs under control. We are a reliable provider of remote monitoring, management and evolution services for on-premises and cloud infrastructures and help desk services. BrainCube can handle all daily monitoring and management and/or long-term optimization and evolution of your IT infrastructure components. We take care of the entire IT infrastructure as a whole or any of its specific parts.

Managed IT Service Benefits
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Contractual terms

Managed services enable you to set contractual terms for IT tasks that include service level agreements (SLAs). This means you don’t have to spend time recruiting, hiring, or training IT staff. This enables you to pay only for the coverage or services you need and avoids the associated costs that come with maintaining full-time employees.
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Outsourcing IT tasks to managed services can free your teams to focus on revenue-generating tasks. These providers can also often provide guidance or recommendations to help you optimize the performance of your infrastructure. This can lead to increases in productivity and improved ROI.
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Better Management of Uptime

Managed IT service providers are not tied to the same schedule as your other employees. This means providers are often able to perform system updates and maintenance during off-hours. When MSPs have flexible schedules to work around your own, you see greater uptime and fewer workflow disruptions.

IT Infrastructure Components We Cover

- Servers (Windows, Linux).
-Cloud environments (Azure, AWS, GCP)
- Data storage and databases (on-premises and cloud based).
- Customer - facing software
- Enterprise solutions (Email, ERP, CRM, Intranet)
- Network and security (LAN, VPN, IDS/IPS, firewall, SIEM, IAM, antivirus)

Explore BrainCube's Managed Infrastructure Services.

BrainCube is offering comprises a comprehensive portfolio of services around application monitoring, problem tackling, system availability and reliability management, continuous app refinement and help desk provision. All services can be mixed and matched according to the specific needs of the business.

Assembly and Test Services

Assembly and Test Services from BrainCube are optimized to deliver differentiation in high-complexity package solutions for integrated device manufacturers , and original equipment manufacturers.

End-user Support Services

Receive a seamless fusion of technical solutions that are led by BrainCube's internal expertise, speed company processes, and inspire people.

Application Managed Services

With our core application managed services, which are created to maximize user pleasure and revenues, you may simplify your application.

Cloud Managed Services

BrainCube ensure with extensive offering of cloud-managed services and dependable, high-performing network infrastructure management.

Our services include:

-Remote monitoring and management of hardware and infrastructure.
-Security services, including monitoring, penetration testing, threat hunting, or incident response.
-Configuration, monitoring, and management of cloud services. These can be rendered in cooperation with or outside of managed cloud services.
-Communications support.