IT Infrastructure

IT infrastructure services cover administration, monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimization of corporate IT infrastructures. BrainCube helps companies keep their IT infrastructures fully operable, reliable, and cost-efficient.


The world of modern IT infrastructure can be complex and difficult to manage. Typically, infrastructure is a mixture of servers, data storage platforms, a backup solution and networking switches . Right now, these different pieces of the IT puzzle, live in separate, expensive and hard to manage silos. This is traditional infrastructure at its worst. With expanding business requirements and shrinking budgets, it creates a set of challenges which are all too familiar to today’s IT administrators and business owners.

BrainCube solves the challenges of traditional IT infrastructures, by putting all of the separate pieces together. We combine compute, storage and networking into a single server, which dramatically simplifies the infrastructure stack.

IT Infrastructure Conversation

IT and other parts of an organization can work together to capitalize on IT trends . And learn how these groups can use these trends for competitive advantages to deliver the capabilities for business success today and well into the future.

Data Center Management

We automate your data center processes, including data center scheduling, monitoring, and application delivery to ensure your data center efficiency and make its operational capabilities fully meet your business needs.
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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

We offer Virtual Desktop Infrastructure services to help you ensure strong protection of corporate data stored in the data center and high productivity of your remote employees due to comfortable and secure work from any device.

IT Infrastructure we cover

BainCube's IT Infrastructure provide services for the listed components

Network Security

It is a set of technologies that protects the usability and integrity of a company's infrastructure by preventing the entry or proliferation within a network of a wide variety of potential threats.

Cloud Environment

A set of systems and processes acting together to provide services in a manner that is disassociated with the underlying specific hardware or software used for such purpose is Cloud Environment

Mailing Solutions

Microsoft 365 is a mailing solution provided by Microsoft for using 'mails' for office and companies. Different plans are named as Business Basic , Apps for Business, Business Standard , Business Premium.

Benefits You Can Get From BrainCube's IT Infrastructure Managed Services:

-Reduced IT infrastructure maintenance costs : We bring in mature ITSM processes and optimize cloud resource consumption.
-Strategic and smooth infrastructure change management : We plan the scope of changes, test and implement them with minimal downtime.
-Self-managed approach and service transparency : We deliver our services based on KPIs and SLOs set in the SLA.
-Robust security : We perform elaborate security testing of an IT infrastructure and applications (audit, testing, vulnerability assessment, etc.).
-Proactive approach & stable performance : We apply continuous infrastructure monitoring to predict IT issues or detect them promptly, avoiding downtime.

Enterprise-wide Infrastructure Services

IT infrastructure consulting

We evaluate your current IT infrastructure, elaborate on and implement a comprehensive IT strategy to keep it fully operable.

IT infrastructure management

BrainCube offer a range of IT infrastructure management services from planning and design of your IT infrastructure to its administration, monitoring, troubleshooting.