Moving to Cloud

BrainCube provides strategic technology consultancy, engineering, and Cloud-based managed services.
BrainCube provides strategic technology consultancy, engineering, and Cloud-based managed services. By taking advantage of everything the Cloud has to offer, organizations can reduce operational costs, accelerate innovation, focus on their core business, and have more confidence around data security and compliance.

We take organizations on a complete journey into the Cloud environment. Right through from vision to implementation, we can help you transition into the Cloud future.

Our consultants will work with you to identify your digital needs in the context of your corporate vision and goals. As your Cloud competency centre, BrainCube consultants have the knowledge and proven experience to guide and support you through the implementation of your Cloud strategy.

We develop a high-performance, resilient, secure, compliant and cost-effective solutions for your organization using a variety of Cloud services from hyperscale cloud provider Microsoft Azure and when you need to upscale or downscale as often as required, the flexibility is there. Simple, efficient and futureproof.

By consuming IT as a utility, we can help your business scale without risk. No upfront investments. No equipment maintenance. You pay for what you need, as an ‘on-demand’ service.

We also help move your people into the Cloud, to ensure organizations maximize the potential of their Cloud solutions by equipping the right people with the right skills. With expertise across a wide range of industries, you can be confident that BrainCube will transform your organization into the Cloud with clarity, coherence, and competence.

Who we work with

The BrainCube team has years of experience working across numerous organizations and industries; from start-ups to global corporates and government.

In addition to our specialist expertise in Microsoft and Cloud computing, we have expert knowledge and experience across a wide range of industry verticals such as telecommunications, financial services, local government, and energy and utilities. Business disruption facilitated by new technology presents many opportunities. Whether your organization and corporate culture is more conservative or entrepreneurial, we will help you take advantage of the digital transformation.

Our customers trust us to deliver reliably and constantly to highest standards. We believe in developing strong and durable relationships with our customers, so we can support them and help their businesses to run smoothly and grow.

How we do it

To optimize your business’s move to the Cloud, we need to understand your business. The whole business. In depth.

As your competent partner, we will assess what services and applications can benefit from the Cloud and explain why.

If we believe a hybrid model is best, we will tell you. We don’t only consider software and platforms. We cover infrastructure, process models, security, and governance too. You want the best for your business, and we can help you achieve that.

Together, we develop a vision of where your company needs to get to, and we map out how we will get there – providing you with everything you need to make your journey into the cloud as streamlined, smart and cost-efficient as possible.