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Features of Windows 11

Microsoft’s latest offering – Windows 11 operating system will hit the market on October 5, 2021. Since it’s only a few days away, everyone is curious to know about a little more than its first glimpse.

The best part is that Windows 10 users can upgrade to Windows 11 for free. You just need to check whether your system is compatible with Windows 11 and you are all set to experience the remarkable features of the latest OS.

Some Amazing Features of Windows 11

Microsoft has introduced some cool, smart, and amazing features with Windows 11. Its Graphical User Interface (GUI), integrated MS Teams, advanced features for game lovers, etc. are some of the features that have already grabbed attention of Windows users, even before the public launch of latest Windows.

1. Interactive User Interface

Primarily, there is a great visual overhaul. The design, visuals, and user interface have been upgraded to a new theme and level. In addition, its GUI has been improved and has some new elements, such as:

  • A new sound is something fresh that the users will be going to experience. In addition, the redesigned icons and themes accompanied by transparent background give a soothing feel. Overall, the design is fluent with the addition of rounded corners.
  • Taskbar and Start menu are shifted to the center of the screen with an all-new look. You will also find some new icons on the desktop, file manager, and control panel.
  • It comes with Light and Dark modes to deliver a unified experience to Windows users.
  • The logo of Windows 11 moves to the flat Microsoft logo from the 3D design of the logo in Windows 10.
  • Some new widgets and graphical applications can also be explored on the Taskbar. You can directly access the widgets, like weather, news, sports, etc., from the Taskbar only.
2. Snap Layouts and Multitasking

Windows 11 will allow the users to do multitasking by assigning the specific sections of the screen to different applications. It is referred to as Snap Layouts. This enables users to arrange multiple Windows working tabs across the screen in different grid-based options, such as side-by-side, columns, sections, etc. Simply, you need to hover on the maximize button and snap the window wherever you wish. Once you choose your desired layout option, your preferred applications and windows will automatically snap into place and resize accordingly.

3. Updated Microsoft Store with Android Apps Integration

The Microsoft App Store is now well-defined and well-arranged, making it much easier to navigate to the applications. In addition, you will find that many applications are redesigned, such as Disney+, Pinterest, Adobe Creative Cloud, etc.

Moreover, there is a surprise for you. Now, you can browse through Android apps also on Microsoft Store. The MS store has the integrated Amazon App Store that has plenty of Android apps stored on it. You can easily navigate to your favorite one and download it easily from the MS Store. Now, you can straightforwardly record or post videos on Instagram and TikTok right from your Windows device.

4. Integrated MS Teams

Now, you don’t need to install Microsoft Teams for your professional meet-ups or to use MS Teams through the browser. Windows 11 has the integrated Microsoft Teams application pinned on the Taskbar. You can easily access the MS Teams chat function from the Taskbar for free. Also, it supports a hardware-agnostic approach. It implies that you can connect through video and audio calls with other users, even on Android or iOS platforms. Now, connecting through MS Teams has become more flexible and easier.

5. Top-Notch Security and Update Cycle

Microsoft Windows 11 has been in the news, especially due its upgraded user interface and enhanced security. It is touted as the most secure version of the Windows operating system. Secure Boot and Device Encryption are the default options in Windows 11 that provide protection against intruders. Moreover, you will receive security updates every month. Also, the essential component, the TPM, makes the security more rigid and delivers a completely safe and secure experience to users.

In a list of enhancements, Windows 11 also brings improved performance, with 40% less updates run in the background. It will give an optimized experience to Windows users. Also, the users will have the yearly update with Windows 11. Perhaps, there are chances that you’ll get features updated twice a year. But, it is not certain yet.

6. Enhanced Gaming Features

This Windows OS brings some amazing features, like Xbox tech, for gaming enthusiasts. For example, it will include DirectX 12 support for better high-frame-rate gaming. Plus, the Auto-HDR feature with improved lighting and contrast for gaming and viewing media will going to be a big bliss for the gamers.

Moreover, now you will be able to manage your games much easier and smoothly using the new Game Pass app. Also, you are going to experience fast loading of games from your graphics card with the app named Direct Storage.




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