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CloudSeptember 1, 2021by bcesadmin0

Let The Pandemic Not Stop You, Access Your office From Anywhere

Brings cloud everywhere, and accelerates digital transformation. Digital transformation is not just about the technology, but how we are changing the entire way we do business. From storage and cloud, to food delivery and music listening, society has increasingly come to expect service-based consumption.

A cloud-based digital transformation strategy offers great opportunities:

  •  Reduced costs
  • The chance to capitalize on far greater computational resources
    provided by cloud providers that run data-intensive computing chores
  • Replacements for aging back-office application
  • The flexibility to ramp up or down according to business needs
  •  The ability to handle the enormous volumes of data coming from
    Internet of Things-related digital sensors (from machines in the field,
    products in customers’ hands and places of business)
  • Resources to support the use of artificial intelligence and other systems that identify business opportunities, solve operational problems and provide winning digital customer experiences .

 The capabilities of a cloud infrastructure should address
  these questions:

Stability—to access resources where and when they are needed.
A cloud computing provider can ensure the stability of fragile
legacy systems.

  •  Flexibility—to scale computing resources up or down as demand
  •  Security—from private clouds that connect legacy systems via
    corporate wide-area networks, and ensure the data security of IoT
  •  Agility—a readily accessible test bed for new products and services.
  • Access to innovative technologies—cloud providers host the latest
    applications, updated automatically, along with computing resources
    to gain new insight into data and pursue new initiatives.

Reducing the complexity of IT

To sum up, consuming infrastructure as-a-Service reduces complexity in managing IT, brings cloud everywhere and accelerates digital transformation. As we work to be better prepared for the unexpected surprises that come our way, we are sharing these best practices and solutions with our customers to also help them focus on innovation that makes a competitive difference.

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